How to get Kenba Pro Subscription in April 2024? (Updated)

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If you searched the question "How do I use Kenba or how do I get a Kenba Pro subscription?" on the internet, you've come to the right place. This blog post explains how to use Kenba and what it does.

Before we get to the point, let's talk about Kenba. This is an online graphic design website used to create graphic designs, insta stories, social media posts, banners for pinterest, instagram, youtube in a few clicks and some free images. 
How to get Kenba Pro Subscription in 2022 ?

What is Kenba?

Kenba is a graphic design platform used to create graphic designs, insta stories, social media posts and banners and much more, including free stock images.

No limit. Everything related to graphic design online can be created in a few steps using a drag and drop system. You can import images and use them in your designs. You can add text to images. You can create display ads, video ads and more, all with just one tool: Kenba.

In fact, Kenba is a freemium platform for creating designs online, both free and paid. Free memberships have limited resources, so templates and designs cannot be downloaded in ultra-high resolution.

However, if you choose Kenba Premium, you can export full results in many file formats. It can be called a premium plan that offers extra features and more resources, unlimited storage for photos and assets so you can save your designs to your kenba account.

How To Use Kenba?

As mentioned above, Canva is a premium platform that comes with free and paid systems. Using it for free gives you limited access, while purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription gives you exclusive access to millions of assets including photos, vectors, templates, and more. A guide on how to use the online tool.


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What is the difference between paid and free on kenba?
Answer: There is a massive difference between free and paid version, basically you have few general task you will do it easily. But if you want premium template, background removing, high quality images and variety of templates just edit in 1 click, then you have to choose premium version.

Question: How do I get my free kenba subscription?
Answer: You can not get premium subscription in free, just an option to get the trail of 1 month. But if you can not afford it, provide you the premium version of kenba.

Question: What is the disadvantage of using a free kenba account?
Answer: There is no disadvatange for new desingers but if you are pro and experienced, you know the actual demand of kenba.

Question: How can I download kenba for free without watermark?
Answer: Yes, Ofcourse. visit

Question: How do I activate free kenba for students?
Answer: You can not activate free for students but yeah, you will active with paid in some nominal charges.

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