How to make money on whatsapp - Best ways to make money

Smartphones are now ubiquitous, and social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter are available. Everyone uses them; there will be hardly anyone who does not use one despite having a smartphone. But did you know that not only can you use this social media for entertainment, chatting with friends, sharing photos and videos, etc., but do you know How to make money on whatsapp. so, we are talking about to earn with it so read this article very carefully and earn profit by reading it to the end.

How to make money on whatsapp - Best ways to make money

Discussion on how to make money on whatsapp

Requirements to make money:

WhatsApp is a simple messaging app, but in it you can send messages as well as videos, audios, and photos to your friends and relatives. The following are the primary requirements which help you to understand that how to make money on whatsapp:

  • A Budget Smartphone
  • Decent internet connection
  • Good network of people
  • Good product that can help others
  • Budget-friendly and user-friendly products or services

Ideas to Enhance Your Network

It is simple; you do not need to work hard, but you must be focused and smart. You can target the audience based on your product or service and find the actual demand of people, and you have to connect with them via YouTube, Instagram, or another medium. With this, you can approach them to connect with their WhatsApp group.

Various Ways to Make Money on WhatsApp

Earning money from Whatsapp means earning money from the Whatsapp group. Because this is where you will gather a large number of members. We all know that there cannot be more than 250 people in a WhatsApp group. But it is necessary to have so many people in your WhatsApp group. It's now up to you to figure out how you're going to gather so many people. So we are giving you the tips here too:

  • First of all, tell your friends and relatives that you are going to create such a group in Whatsapp, which will benefit all the members present in it. Also, request that they inform others about their contact here.
  • This will give you the numbers of other people, which you can add to your contact list.
  • Apart from this, the biggest social networking site, which is Facebook, can help you a lot in this regard. Here, your friends list is very big, and you can also add many of them to your WhatsApp group.rt.

After creating a WhatsApp group, money can be earned in various ways, which are as follows:

I) By using the Link Shortening Service

This is a very easy way. In this case, you have to shorten the links of some popular websites; you can do this by using the link shortening service. After you shorten the link, you have to share it. According to the number of people who click on that link, you'll get paid. For this, you have to gather a little information about which websites are viral and popular and which are liked by more and more people. You can use URLs or links like viral videos, cool photos, and interesting facts for this. If you have a content site with decent content, then you will get more profit. because more and more people will click on it. Some of the URL shortening websites are:

  • (my personal favourite for Indians)
  • Linkshrink.Net

 II) By affiliate marketing

You can also make money through affiliate marketing, which requires you to promote the products of others in exchange for a commission. That's why you need to make an account on the affiliate programmes, and promote your products. To promote you must have to share the affiliate link on your Whatsapp group. For this, keep in mind that you should share the affiliate link of such products in which people are interested. For example, if your group is related to sports, then you share the link to sports-related products. Some affiliate networks are listed as follows:


III) By PPD Networks

The full name of PPD is "Pay Per Download." When you share a file with someone, you get money from the people who download it. You can upload it to your website, where people will be able to download it. One of the best-known PPD networks is You simply upload any file, such as a video, audio file, photo song, or piece of software, to this website and share the link with your WhatsApp group. After it, people can ask to download it. Some other PPD Networks sites are:

  • UsersCloud
  • UploadOcean
  • Daily Uploads

 IV) Create a product or service store catalogue

It is the new and updated method of using WhatsApp to create a store on your account where you can set up the images, videos, and other details of your product or service. If anybody wants the details, you can share the WhatsApp link and sell your product or service via WhatsApp. You can also accept the money with the new feature of Whatsapp Pay via debit or credit card and UPI.

 V) promoting YouTube channels

You must have noticed that you frequently watch YouTube videos on WhatsApp. This happens when people upload videos by creating their own YouTube channel and share their videos with other people. so that more and more people see it and can benefit from it. Because when people click on that YouTube link, their views increase, their ranking also goes up, and they also earn from the ads that come on it. So, if you have a YouTube channel, you can earn money by sharing your videos with a large number of people at once via a Whatsapp group.

 VI) by promoting the website

Similarly, you'll earn cash by promoting your web site. when publication your page or post on an internet site, you'll share its link with others and raise them to click thereon. which is able to profit you. If the content of your web site is expounded to the most recent news, then additional and additional individuals can prefer to click thereon. therefore you've got to form the content higher. 

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VII) by paid promotion

If you have a strong and large network of people, you can also promote their content, website page, or YouTube videos by taking money from others. Because many people do not have many people in their WhatsApp group, they also get their promotion done by giving money to others.

VIII) By WhatsApp Status

You can additionally use your WhatsApp standing to earn cash. For this, we tend to square measure providing you with another tips. for instance, if you utilize the web site, you may have to be compelled to produce associate account by giving a number of your info. After that, you log in to that. Following that, there square measure roughly sixty classes. Among them, you have got to settle on a class during which you would like to write down the standing. After entering it, you have to approve it. You must begin with two statuses and gradually increase them. You will receive payment according to your status. Remember, your status should be unique; only then will it be approved, and only then will you get money.

IX) by teaching online

You can also earn an income by teaching people online. For this, you need to have knowledge of a particular subject. What will you teach people without it? You have to share this information with the individuals in your WhatsApp cluster. you'll conjointly charge them for this. If individuals worth your information, they'll be willing to pay money for it, and you may profit.

X)From app links and promo codes

Nowadays, people are working to earn money by making many apps for the Google Play Store. But people need members to promote it. If your WhatsApp group has more members, you can share it with them by sending them the link to the app or a promo code from its website. In return, the owner of the app provides you cash. and you take advantage of it. 

So these were some easy and basic ways to make money with WhatsApp in 2022, with the help of which you can earn a lot sitting at home using only your smartphone.

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