India's Guided Pinaka Rocket System Ready for Final User Trials

India's Guided Pinaka Rocket System Ready for Final User Trials

Nagpur-based Economic Explosives Limited (EEL) is on the brink of achieving a significant milestone as it gears up to carry out the final user trials of the groundbreaking Guided Pinaka Rocket System. Within the next 1-2 months, this innovative system will undergo its ultimate test. If successful, it will pave the way for a transformative leap in India’s artillery capabilities.

Unlike its predecessor, the unguided Pinaka system, the Guided Pinaka Rocket System is a leap forward. It incorporates an advanced navigation, guidance, and control kit developed by the Research Centre, Imarat (RCI), headquartered in Hyderabad.

One standout feature that sets the Guided Pinaka Rocket System apart is its impressive range. Boasting a base range of 75 kilometres, this advanced rocket system can deliver precise firepower to distant targets with unprecedented accuracy. And that's not all – there's an extended version in development with the aim of reaching an even more astonishing range of 90 kilometres.

India's Guided Pinaka Rocket System Ready for Final User Trials

The Pinaka Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) has already proven its mettle for the Indian Army. From the original Pinaka Mark-I with a 40-kilometre range to the enhanced Mark-II with a 60-kilometre range, these systems have demonstrated their prowess in artillery operations. However, the evolution into the Guided Pinaka Rocket System propels this artillery capability to an entirely new dimension.

The infrastructure supporting the Pinaka MBRL is both robust and adaptable. Comprising a multi-tube launcher vehicle, a replenishment-cum-loader vehicle, a replenishment vehicle, and a command post vehicle, the system has been meticulously designed to ensure seamless coordination and swift deployment. With each launcher vehicle carrying two pods, each loaded with six rockets, the system can unleash a barrage of firepower, effectively neutralizing a significant area within a remarkably short span of just 48 seconds. This marks a pivotal advancement in India's defense capabilities."

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