AW-149 Helicopters Reinforce the Polish Armed Forces: A Historic Milestone

AW-149 Helicopters Reinforce the Polish Armed Forces: A Historic Milestone

In a momentous ceremony recently held in Nowy Glinnik, Mariusz Blaszczak, the head of the Ministry of National Defence and Deputy Prime Minister, presided over a significant event. The Ministry of National Defence handed over the first pair of state-of-the-art AW-149 helicopters to the soldiers of the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade. This event marks a pivotal moment in the implementation of the Perkoz multi-role support helicopter program, a substantial undertaking for the Polish Armed Forces. Under a contract signed in July 2022, a total of 32 AW-149 helicopters will be delivered to the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade, with additional bases in Nowy Glinnik and Leznica Wielka, all located in the Lodz Voivodeship. These helicopters provide the brigade with the capacity to rapidly adjust their deployment, enhancing their strategic reach.

Mariusz Blaszczak addressed the assembly, highlighting the critical challenges confronting Poland. He acknowledged the ongoing conflict near the eastern border, the war in the Middle East, and heightened tensions in the Asian region, all contributing to an uncertain international landscape. Blaszczak emphasized the need to strengthen the Polish Army as the most effective response to these threats. He expressed great satisfaction in presenting two of the 32 AW-149 family helicopters that are already in service with the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade.

The 25th Air Cavalry Brigade, known as the 25 Brygada Kawalerii Powietrznej (25BKPow) in Polish, is a vital component of the Polish Armed Forces, headquartered in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. The brigade operates as air assault troops, enabling the rapid transport of troops to the battlefield via helicopters in substantial numbers. The soldiers of the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade bring with them a wealth of combat experience gained through their participation in missions across the globe, including deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Chad. Their unwavering commitment to duty and operational expertise make them an invaluable asset to the Polish Army. The brigade specializes in air assault operations, where troops are transported to the battlefield and inserted into the combat zone via helicopters, providing a high degree of maneuverability.

AW-149 Helicopters Reinforce the Polish Armed Forces: A Historic Milestone

The AW-149 helicopter, manufactured by Leonardo (formerly Agusta Westland), is a versatile military helicopter designed for various roles, including transport, battlefield support, and search and rescue missions. The AW149 is positioned as an alternative to the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk family. Derived from the AW-139, this enlarged version of the helicopter is well-suited to meet the diverse requirements of the Polish Armed Forces. In its Polish Armed Forces configuration, the AW-149 will be equipped with a range of advanced systems, including observation equipment and various types of munitions, such as guided Hellfire anti-tank missiles, unguided missiles, and self-defense systems. Depending on the specific mission requirements, the armament can be installed within the cabin or on the helicopter's suspension points.

The introduction of AW-149 helicopters to the Polish Armed Forces represents a significant step forward in enhancing the country's military capabilities. These helicopters will play a crucial role in ensuring the readiness and effectiveness of the Polish Army, especially in the face of evolving and complex security challenges.

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