Advancing Electronic Warfare: Spearheading SPEAR-EW Development with UK Ministry of Defence Funding

Advancing Electronic Warfare: Spearheading SPEAR-EW Development with UK Ministry of Defence Funding
In a significant move to enhance electronic warfare capabilities, MBDA has secured additional funding from the UK Ministry of Defence to expedite the development of the Select Precision Effects At Range Electronic Warfare (SPEAR-EW) stand-in jammer. This injection of Rapid Design Phase funding is poised to propel the advancement of SPEAR-EW's development, maturing key sub-systems, and conducting thorough mission and planning evaluations.

1. Innovative Technology Leveraging Digital Radio Frequency Memory
The electronic warfare payload integral to SPEAR-EW is meticulously under development by Leonardo, utilizing the state-of-the-art Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) technology. This mature technology, validated through effective trials, is set to deliver advanced sensing and electronic attack capabilities, marking a pivotal milestone in the evolution of SPEAR-EW.

2. Versatility in Action: Jamming and Decoy Tactics
SPEAR-EW is designed to empower operators with dual capabilities, allowing them to jam enemy radar systems and execute subtle electronic warfare maneuvers. From diverting attention with decoy targets to safeguarding crewed aircraft and effectors, SPEAR-EW emerges as a versatile solution to navigate the complexities of modern warfare.

3. Collaborative Innovation and Strategic Dedication
Dean Pask, Spear Senior Responsible Owner at the MoD, underscores the commitment to innovation through collaborative partnering, agile methodologies, and strategic technology. The objective is clear: ensuring front line commands receive critical capabilities in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

4. Industry Recognition: A World-Class Electronic Warfare Payload
Iain Bancroft, SVP Electronic Warfare at Leonardo UK, emphasizes the significance of SPEAR-EW, incorporating a world-class electronic warfare payload crafted in Luton, UK. Drawing on experience with on-board jamming capabilities for the Eurofighter Typhoon and BriteCloud expendable active decoy, the technology remains adaptable to future threats.
Advancing Electronic Warfare: Spearheading SPEAR-EW Development with UK Ministry of Defence Funding
5. Game-Changing Potential for Air Superiority
Chris Allam, Managing Director of MBDA UK, boldly declares SPEAR-EW as a true game-changer in the suppression and defeat of enemy air defenses. Recognizing the formidable challenge posed by air defense networks, SPEAR-EW emerges as the key enabling allied air forces to unlock this challenge and establish air superiority.

6. Integration and Commonality: Reducing Costs and Enhancing Potential
SPEAR-EW's commonality with the airframe of MBDA's SPEAR miniature cruise missile brings cost-saving advantages, enabling joint integration/launcher solutions. The plan includes integration on the Eurofighter Typhoon, F-35B Lightning, and possibly Tempest, showcasing the adaptability and potential of SPEAR-EW.

7. Future Roadmap: Suppression of Enemy Air Defence (SEAD)
With a dedicated focus on Suppression of Enemy Air Defence (SEAD) missions, SPEAR-EW stands out as a next-gen development. Leveraging a miniature Electronic Warfare payload, it offers both stand-in jammer and decoy capabilities, a significant force multiplier in the ever-evolving A2AD threat environment.

Spearheading the Future of Electronic Warfare
As a pivotal development in the SPEAR family of weapons, SPEAR-EW emerges as a groundbreaking solution, reducing both Platform Integration and Through Life Costs. With plans for integration on various platforms and a promising future, SPEAR-EW is set to redefine the landscape of electronic warfare, providing a decisive edge to allied air forces.

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