D11A Multi-Purpose Rocket and Missile Launcher: Advancements in Collaboration Between DTI Thailand and Elbit Systems

D11A Multi-Purpose Rocket and Missile Launcher: Advancements in Collaboration Between DTI Thailand and Elbit Systems
In a pioneering partnership, the Defense Technology Institute (DTI) of Thailand has collaborated with Elbit Systems, an Israel-based defense company, to spearhead the development of a unique Thai version of the PULS, known as the D11A Multi-Purpose Rocket and Missile Launcher. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in defense technology, bringing together the expertise of Thailand and Israel to create an innovative artillery system.

1. Introducing the D11A Multi-Purpose Rocket and Missile Launcher
The D11A is the result of meticulous efforts by the DTI and Elbit Systems. This launcher is a Thai adaptation of the PULS (Precise and Universal Launching System), formerly known as Lynx MRL, showcasing its versatility and adaptability. The PULS, a multiple rocket launcher developed and manufactured by ELBIT Systems (formerly Israel Military Industries), has gained recognition for its efficacy in various defense forces, including the Israel Defense Forces.

2. Integration of SkyStriker: A Technological Marvel
A key advancement in the D11A project is the potential integration of the SkyStriker autonomous loitering munition. Janes, a reputable defense reporting source, has highlighted DTI's interest in incorporating this cutting-edge technology into the D11A system. SkyStriker, crafted by Elbit Systems, features fully autonomous capabilities, enabling it to locate, acquire, and engage operator-designated targets with a warhead of up to 10kg, ensuring high-precision performance.

3. Multi-Agency Involvement and Technical Focus
The collaborative effort extends beyond DTI and Elbit Systems, with the Royal Thai Navy’s Naval Research and Development Office (NRDO) actively participating in the project. The focus of the development work revolves around integrating Elbit Systems' multicalibre PULS onto a 6×6 10-tonne Tatra truck from the Czech Republic. Despite facing interruptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the project resumed in 2022, demonstrating resilience and dedication.
D11A Multi-Purpose Rocket and Missile Launcher: Advancements in Collaboration Between DTI Thailand and Elbit Systems
4. Development Timeline and Future Prospects
The journey of the D11A began in 2019 with a USD2.2 million development contract awarded to Elbit Systems. Trials of the locally built prototype began in 2022, with the goal of certifying the launcher and commencing production in 2023. This timeline underscores the commitment to delivering a robust and reliable system that fulfills the artillery requirements set forth by the DTI.

5. PULS Features and SkyStriker Success
The PULS offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of modern warfare, eliminating the need to relocate artillery units based on firing range requirements. With a versatile design, it can fire various ammunition types to ranges of up to 300 km from the same position. The D11A's multi-purpose launcher, equipped with specialized PODS for different rocket types, further enhances its adaptability.

SkyStriker, with its proven success in Central Asia and sales to countries like Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and India, brings an additional layer of capability to the D11A system. Its autonomy, electric motor, and modular design make it a formidable asset in covert operations with a range of up to 100km.

A Future of Defense Innovation
The collaboration between DTI Thailand and Elbit Systems, leading to the development of the D11A Multi-Purpose Rocket and Missile Launcher, marks a significant stride in defense innovation. As this project unfolds, it promises to redefine the landscape of artillery systems, showcasing the prowess of international collaboration in advancing military capabilities. Stay tuned for further updates on the evolution of this groundbreaking technology.

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