PARM DM22 Anti-tank Mines: Revolutionizing Germany's Defense Landscape with Innovative Technology

PARM DM22 Anti-tank Mines: Revolutionizing Germany's Defense Landscape with Innovative Technology
In a groundbreaking move, TDW GmbH, a subsidiary of MBDA, has been granted a significant contract to manufacture and deliver 2,600 advanced PARM DM22 off-route anti-tank mines to the German Armed Forces. This crucial contract, signed on November 14, 2023, with the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology, and In-Service Support, marks the commencement of a strategic procurement initiative.

The Bundestag's budget committee, Germany’s parliamentary body, has given its approval for the production and delivery of the initial batch of PARM DM22 mines. These cutting-edge anti-tank mines are intended to replace previous munitions supplied to Ukraine, with Germany having generously provided 14,900 anti-tank mines in support of Ukraine's defense.

With an estimated cost of EUR 68 million (over USD 72 million), the production and delivery of the DM22 mines will be financed through allocated resources earmarked for equipment and training in partner countries. Andreas Seitz, Managing Director of TDW, emphasized the significance of this order in bolstering production capacities, solidifying TDW's market position in Europe, and enhancing Germany's area denial capabilities.

Thomas Gottschild, Managing Director of MBDA Germany, highlighted TDW's core competencies in anti-access/area-denial systems and warheads. The PARM DM22, now returning to serial production, is poised to become the most potent roadside counter-mobility system available.

Managed by the German Ministry of Defense and the Foreign Ministry, these funds ensure a seamless and efficient process. Deliveries of the PARM DM22 anti-tank mines are scheduled to commence in 2026, reinforcing Germany's commitment to supporting Ukraine's defense capabilities.
PARM DM22 Anti-tank Mines: Revolutionizing Germany's Defense Landscape with Innovative Technology
The comprehensive framework agreement with TDW includes an option to produce an additional 10,000 units of this advanced weapon, emphasizing Germany's dedication to enhancing the security and defense capabilities of its partners. The PARM DM22, an evolution of the PARM DM12, features a 5-minute arming delay and can be detonated via command or through a fiber optic trigger cable.

Equipped with the SAPIR (Sensor Active Passive Infrared) system, the PARM DM22 significantly expands its tactical utility, extending its effective range from 2–40 meters to an impressive 4–100 meters. Programmable settings allow the mine to remain active for periods ranging from several hours to up to 30 days, ensuring adaptability in various operational scenarios.

The PARM DM22 represents a remarkable advancement in German off-route anti-tank mines technology, tracing its development back to the early 1980s. Combat-proven and requiring minimal training, this fully automated anti-tank effector, carried by a single soldier, features a modular design adaptable to different sensors and a remote control.

The versatile mounting system on a small tripod allows easy adjustment through 360 degrees, elevation to 90 degrees, and depression to -45 degrees. With its innovative design, the PARM DM22 stands as a testament to Germany's commitment to cutting-edge defense innovation and strategic capabilities.

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