RV Connex and EDGE Group Announce Strategic Collaboration for Advanced Defence Solutions

RV Connex and EDGE Group Announce Strategic Collaboration for Advanced Defence Solutions

In a significant development, RV Connex, a prominent technology, defence, and engineering company based in Thailand, has entered into a strategic collaboration with EDGE Group, a global leader in advanced technology and defence. The recently unveiled partnership aims to bring about notable advancements in the defence industry by sharing innovative solutions, services, and capabilities, particularly in unmanned aerial vehicles, loitering munitions, and precision guided munitions.

1. Shaping the Future of Defence
RV Connex and EDGE Group are combining their wealth of expertise, experience, and resources to provide customers in Thailand with cutting-edge capabilities and comprehensive defence solutions. The agreement, signed by Wantha Wangthanasakun, Vice President Commercial and Compliance at RV Connex, and Hamad Al Ameri, CEO of CARACAL, underscores their commitment to advancing technological capabilities in defence sectors.

Omar Al Zaabi, President of EDGE’s Trading & Mission Support cluster, emphasized the significance of collaborating with RV Connex as a strategic move to bolster EDGE's technological commitment in Thailand and the broader region. This partnership is poised to drive advancements, offering innovative defence solutions by leveraging RV Connex’s established platforms and expertise across various defence industry segments.

2. Joint Development of Disruptive Capabilities
Mr. Peeraphon Trakulchang, Vice President, Managing Director & Manufacturing Director at RV Connex, highlighted the synergy between the two entities, stating, "The partnership with EDGE Group will harness our complementary expertise and experience." He emphasized RV Connex’s strong track record and deep domain expertise, highlighting effective technical collaborations with robust partners to bring a comprehensive suite of proven solutions to the UAE and the region.

The collaboration between RV Connex and EDGE goes beyond the conventional, leveraging both companies’ complementary strengths and capabilities. This partnership underscores a shared commitment to innovation and effective solutions, addressing the dynamic needs of defence customers in an ever-evolving landscape.

RV Connex and EDGE Group Announce Strategic Collaboration for Advanced Defence Solutions

3. Home-Grown Capabilities and Global Reach
RV CONNEX CO., LTD., a local Thai corporation specializing in Defence and Security, employs over 300 individuals, with more than 200 highly skilled engineers and technical specialists. The company places paramount importance on research and development, fostering home-grown capabilities and innovations that respond to challenges and threats at regional, national, and private sector levels.

EDGE Group, a state-owned conglomerate in the United Arab Emirates, comprises 25 companies delivering a diverse portfolio of military and civilian products, services, solutions, and related technologies. As one of the world’s advanced technology and defence groups, EDGE is poised to expand its footprint in the region through this strategic partnership with RV Connex.

In conclusion, the collaboration between RV Connex and EDGE Group represents a significant step towards shaping the future of the defence industry. Through this partnership, these two entities aim to develop disruptive capabilities, provide cutting-edge solutions, and address the evolving needs of defence customers, reinforcing their commitment to innovation and excellence without the involvement of artificial intelligence.

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