Swiss Air Force's Milestone: 100,000 Flight Hours with the H135 Helicopter

Swiss Air Force's Milestone: 100,000 Flight Hours with the H135 Helicopter

The Swiss Air Force has achieved a significant milestone, amassing an impressive 100,000 flight hours on a single helicopter model - the H135. This remarkable feat highlights the crucial role that the H135 has played in the Swiss Air Force's operations since 2010, when the fleet of 20 H135 helicopters became fully operational.

These versatile helicopters are strategically located at various Swiss bases, including Alpnach, Bern-Belp, Dübendorf, Locarno, and Payerne, ensuring year-round coverage. Each of these bases serves a distinct purpose, from pilot training to VIP transport, underscoring the adaptability of the H135.

Importantly, the H135 helicopters play a pivotal role in pilot training and the deployment of certified pilots. Sites like Alpnach, Dübendorf, and Payerne are instrumental in honing the skills of future pilots. In Payerne, the ground organization of the militia also receives training on the H135 to support upcoming troop service missions.

The versatility of the H135 helicopters is a cornerstone of their success. Swiss Armed Forces' Chief Pilot, Michael Wirz, acknowledges this, stating, "Due to the versatility of the H135 helicopters, we are fortunate to have a varied daily routine - which also means that you have to master many different procedures." These helicopters can be utilized for a wide range of missions, including border surveillance, patient transport, and even unforeseen situations, such as assisting distressed glider pilots.

Swiss Air Force's Milestone: 100,000 Flight Hours with the H135 Helicopter

The H135 helicopter is a twin-engine light utility helicopter produced by Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter). It is capable of flying under instrument flight rules (IFR) and is equipped with a digital automatic flight control system (AFCS). What sets the H135 apart is its adaptability to various roles, thanks to a range of attachments, including rescue winches, rope down devices, load beams, and ski pads, which can be swiftly fitted as needed.

Moreover, the H135's ability to be flown by a single pilot under instrument flight conditions ensures that it can reach destinations throughout Switzerland, even in challenging weather conditions. The H135M, certified under the name Eurocopter EC635, serves as a military variant, further expanding its utility.

In conclusion, the Swiss Air Force's achievement of 100,000 flight hours with the H135 helicopter is a testament to the aircraft's adaptability and reliability. Its role in pilot training, diverse missions, and capability to operate in challenging conditions make the H135 an invaluable asset in the Swiss Air Force's fleet.

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