Unlocking Precision: Asio Technologies Showcases Advanced Geospatial Position Systems at MiliPol Exhibition

Unlocking Precision: Asio Technologies Showcases Advanced Geospatial Position Systems at MiliPol Exhibition
In a remarkable demonstration of technological expertise, Asio Technologies, a highly regarded developer and manufacturer of geospatial position systems and tactical defense solutions, took the spotlight at the MiliPol exhibition in Paris. The focus of the exhibition was on Asio Technologies' innovative solutions designed to empower tactical mission planning and execution. A key highlight of this display was the ORION rugged mobile terminal, a crucial tool for dismounted forces.

ORION: Precision in Action
ORION, presently in use and extensively deployed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in ongoing conflicts, stands as evidence of its effectiveness in various combat scenarios. This rugged mobile terminal is engineered to facilitate both off and on-grid mission planning, real-time navigation, and enhanced situational awareness. By leveraging the Geographic Information System (GIS) database and Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities, ORION serves individual soldiers, commanders, and extends up to the battalion level. This ensures seamless real-time communication, providing updates on friendly and hostile forces, along with critical mission information.

Leadership Perspective: David Harel, CEO of Asio Technologies
David Harel, the CEO of Asio Technologies, expressed pride in showcasing their cutting-edge geospatial position systems and tactical Battle Management Systems (BMS) at the MiliPol exhibition. Harel emphasized that their technology is strategically designed to offer a significant advantage to operating forces in the field, enhancing both mission planning and execution. Currently leading the IDF's tactical BMS and GPS-denied operations, Asio Technologies operates on an emergency support basis, ensuring rapid responses to emerging needs.
Unlocking Precision: Asio Technologies Showcases Advanced Geospatial Position Systems at MiliPol Exhibition
Integrated Solutions: Beyond ORION
ORION doesn't operate in isolation; it seamlessly communicates and interfaces with other tactical solutions from Asio Technologies. The LYNX Tactical hand-held multi-function situation awareness system is a prime example. Designed for fighting commanders, LYNX features powerful machine vision algorithms that enhance tactical operations and reduce cognitive load. Its versatility is highlighted by its ability to swap Field of View (FOV) and Infrared (IR) detectors, along with a configurable Laser Range Finder (LRF).

AeroGuradian: Ensuring Uninterrupted Drone Operations
Asio Technologies extends its innovative solutions to uninterrupted drone operations with AeroGuradian. This vision-based navigation solution, currently in operational use by the IDF, stands as a jam-proof navigation marvel. It ensures accurate and autonomous navigation even in environments where the GNSS signal is compromised, jammed, or unavailable. Leveraging cutting-edge machine vision technology, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced optics, and sensor fusion capabilities, AeroGuradian emerges as an ideal solution for tactical platforms where size, weight, and power are critical parameters.

Asio Technologies is at the forefront of advancing geospatial position systems, and its showcase at the MiliPol exhibition underscores its commitment to precision, innovation, and empowering military forces with state-of-the-art tactical solutions.

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