Unlocking the Potential of the Enforcer Missile System for Germany's Defense

Unlocking the Potential of the Enforcer Missile System for Germany's Defense

The MBDA Enforcer missile system is poised to achieve a remarkable milestone as it prepares to enter full-scale production for the German Army in the near future. This cutting-edge, high-precision missile system has become the talk of the defense industry, holding the promise of significantly enhancing the capabilities of infantry and Special Forces. During an international media visit to MBDA's Schrobenhausen facility near Munich on October 29, 2023, senior officials from MBDA Germany shared insights into the German Enforcer program and the exciting prospects of the Enforcer family.

Pending approval from the Bundeswehr, the Enforcer missile system is on track to commence full-rate production by the end of 2023, marking a substantial leap toward equipping the German military with an innovative, versatile, and highly effective munition system. The Enforcer missile launcher is currently undergoing its final qualification phases, with the initial deliveries to the German Special Forces expected in 2024.

The Enforcer is a portable, shoulder-launched weapon meticulously developed by MBDA Missile Systems, tailored specifically to meet the demands of infantry and Special Forces. It is designed to complement the Wirkmittel 90 (RGW 90) already in use by the German Special Forces, with up to 3,000 Enforcer systems to be delivered under a contract signed in 2019, where they will be designated as the Wirkmittel 1,800+. This disposable, shoulder-launched guided weapon system offers a versatile solution for engaging a wide range of targets, including lightly armored vehicles, static and moving targets, and threats hidden behind cover.

The Enforcer missile system introduces a new dimension to lightweight, disposable, shoulder-launched munitions in the 2 km class, promising enhanced target range and superior performance compared to heavy machine guns and grenade launchers. Weighing less than 7 kg, with the entire system (including the sight and two munitions) at less than 20 kg, the Enforcer missile launcher is designed for flexibility and ease of use, even in asymmetrical conflict zones. Its compact size and dimensions make it highly portable and efficient, providing dismounted infantry with a precise and effective guided missile.

What truly sets the Enforcer missile system apart is its lock-on before launch (LOBL) feature, delivering exceptional accuracy. The system also possesses airburst capabilities, rendering it highly effective against hidden targets. Moreover, the Enforcer is engineered to minimize collateral damage, ensuring that it can be effortlessly operated by a single soldier. With its seeker head guiding the missile directly to the center of the predetermined target, the Enforcer seamlessly performs during both day and night operations, even in enclosed spaces.

Unlocking the Potential of the Enforcer Missile System for Germany's Defense

The Enforcer missile system aligns with the Bundeswehr's Leichtes Wirkmittel 1800+ requirement for a lightweight, day/night, precision-guided, shoulder-launched 89 mm weapon with a range of more than 1,800 meters. However, its versatility goes beyond these specifications, as it is being explored for new applications, including anti-tank, air-launched, and very short- and short-range air defense (V/SHORAD), expanding its potential use cases.

The Enforcer's adaptability is evident in its potential to be armed with a tandem-shaped warhead, designed for the destruction of light vehicles. Furthermore, MBDA is actively developing an anti-tank version known as the Enforcer X. There is also a concept in the works for an air-launched Enforcer, compatible with both fixed- and rotary-wing manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

In response to the Bundeswehr's Nah- und Nächstbereichsschutz (NNbS) V/SHORAD and counter-small unmanned aircraft system (C-sUAS) requirement, MBDA is working on a new version of the Enforcer missile with larger fins. This version could be installed on the Skyranger 30, based on the Boxer 8×8 armored vehicle, with three cells each carrying three Enforcer missiles. This adaptation will address the NNbS requirement, providing a solution against Class 1 UAVs weighing less than 150 kg.

The Enforcer missile system is poised to revolutionize the capabilities of the German Army, offering a lightweight, precise, and highly adaptable solution to address a broad spectrum of operational needs. Its innovative features, such as LOBL guidance, airburst capabilities, and minimal collateral damage, make it a valuable addition to the Bundeswehr's arsenal. The ongoing exploration of new variants and applications further underscores the Enforcer's potential to enhance Germany's defense capabilities and ensure security in an evolving threat landscape.

In conclusion, the Enforcer missile system is a game-changer in the world of military technology, and its potential for enhancing Germany's defense is unparalleled. As it nears full-scale production and continues to evolve, its impact on the field of defense cannot be overstated. The Enforcer missile system is a remarkable example of cutting-edge engineering and innovation, and it promises to redefine the capabilities of Germany's armed forces.

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