Armenia's Heartfelt Congratulations to India on Independence Day

Armenia's Heartfelt Congratulations to India on Independence Day

In a beautiful display of international friendship and solidarity, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan of Armenia conveyed his sincere congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India on the special occasion of India's Independence Day anniversary.

Prime Minister Pashinyan's message signifies the enduring spirit of freedom and sovereignty that both nations deeply cherish. He acknowledged the incredible journey of the Indian people in their centuries-long pursuit of independence, which stands as a symbol of the intrinsic value of being a sovereign and democratic state. This shared commitment to self-determination has created a strong bond between Armenia and India, built on mutual respect and friendship.

In a recent meeting between the two leaders, they pledged to fully unleash the potential of the existing partnership between Armenia and India across various domains. This commitment marks a new chapter in the long-standing friendship between the two nations. The enhanced bilateral agenda and ongoing dialogue reflect the strengthening ties and the growing collaborative efforts.

Armenia's Heartfelt Congratulations to India on Independence Day

Prime Minister Pashinyan commended India as a champion of democratic values, applauding its expanded role in global politics. He expressed his support for India's dedication to advancing international institutional reforms, showcasing the alignment of both countries' visions on the global stage.

The message emphasizes the continuous efforts to enhance cooperation between Armenia and India, both in bilateral and multilateral contexts. These efforts are expected to gain momentum through high-level reciprocal visits, promising to further fortify the partnership.

Prime Minister Pashinyan extended a heartfelt invitation to Prime Minister Modi to visit Armenia at a suitable time. This invitation underscores the eagerness of both nations to solidify their friendship, engage in meaningful exchanges, and explore collaborative opportunities across various spheres.

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