Deadly Attack in Gwadar

Deadly Attack in Gwadar

In a shocking incident that sent shockwaves through the region, a tragic attack unfolded in the coastal city of Gwadar, located in Pakistan's Balochistan province. At least 13 individuals were feared dead as a result of this distressing event, including 9 Pakistani soldiers and 4 Chinese nationals. The heart-wrenching incident occurred when an improvised explosive device (IED) was detonated in an armed assault targeting a convoy of vehicles.

The convoy, which comprised vehicles belonging to Chinese engineers and Pakistani security forces, was brutally ambushed on a Sunday morning. The attackers, believed to be part of the "Pro-independence" group known as the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), claimed responsibility for the deadly assault. Reports indicated that the assailants executed the attack with precision and brutality, using heavy weaponry to unleash chaos on the convoy near Faqir Colony Bridge in Gwadar.

Eyewitnesses reported hours of intense gunfire and deafening explosions that reverberated through the city. In the wake of the attack, residents found themselves confined to their homes as authorities worked to secure the area. Additionally, there were reports of internet disruptions in various parts of the coastal city, further adding to the turmoil.

Deadly Attack in Gwadar

A spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army, identified as Jeeyand Baloch, issued a brief statement attributing the attack to the group's Majeed Brigade. Naveed Baloch, also known as Aslam of Nigewar Dasht, and Maqbool Baloch, alias Qaim of Awaran, were named as the attackers responsible for this horrific incident.

The Pakistan Army's Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) acknowledged the attack in a media statement, revealing that the assailants employed small arms and hand grenades to carry out their deadly mission. However, due to a swift and efficient response from security forces, the attackers were neutralized without causing harm to any military personnel or civilians. The ISPR's statement emphasized that two terrorists were eliminated in the confrontation.

As the region grapples with the aftermath of this tragic event, questions about security measures and the ongoing conflict between various groups cast a shadow over the area. The attack serves as a stark reminder of the fragile situation in parts of Balochistan and underscores the challenges faced by both local and foreign personnel working in these regions.

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