Vladimir Putin Heart Attack Rumors: Kremlin Denies Reports

Vladimir Putin Heart Attack Rumors: Kremlin Denies Reports

In recent days, there have been widespread rumors and unverified reports circulating about Russian President Vladimir Putin suffering a heart attack. These reports claimed that Putin had experienced a cardiac arrest over the weekend, leading to speculation about his health and well-being.

1. The Allegations and Speculations
The rumors began with unverified claims that President Putin had collapsed in his bedroom, following a sudden and severe cardiac episode on a Sunday. These reports gained momentum when visuals showing Putin with what appeared to be 'scars on his neck' while addressing a public event started circulating online.

It's important to note that allegations regarding Putin's health have been surfacing consistently since Russia's invasion of Ukraine over a year ago. Some individuals have pointed to what they perceive as 'uncontrollable' tremors during public appearances, and there have even been claims of Putin using 'body doubles' to conceal his health status. In April, British publication Metro alleged that the Russian President was suffering from severe health issues, including 'severe pain in his head, blurred vision, and numbness of the tongue.'

2. Origin of the Claims
The latest round of claims seems to have originated from a Kremlin-tracking Telegram channel before being picked up by several news publications. The Mirror, for instance, reported that Putin had been 'resuscitated' following the alleged heart attack on that fateful Sunday. Express UK also suggested that the President required intensive care, supposedly provided at a facility within his official residence.

Vladimir Putin Heart Attack Rumors: Kremlin Denies Reports

3. Kremlin's Response
To quell the growing speculation, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has vehemently denied these rumors, stating, "Everything is fine with him; this is absolutely another fake." He went on to laugh off claims that Putin was using a body double, labeling such ideas as 'absurd.' It's worth noting that Putin had previously addressed and dismissed similar rumors during a 2020 interview. He did acknowledge, however, that he had been offered the chance to use a body double in the past, primarily for security reasons.

4. Media's Reaction
Dmitry Peskov further emphasized the nature of these claims, referring to them as "absurd information hoaxes" that various media outlets discuss with a remarkable degree of tenacity. He indicated that such rumors only elicited a smile from him and the Kremlin.

5. Putin's Schedule
Despite the ongoing rumors, President Putin has continued with his intensive schedule of meetings and public appearances this week. He is even slated to hold a meeting with Russian religious leaders on Wednesday.

The allegations of a heart attack suffered by Vladimir Putin have been officially denied by the Kremlin, and the President himself has dismissed previous similar rumors. However, such rumors continue to circulate, reflecting the intense scrutiny surrounding Putin's health and the ongoing geopolitical developments. It is crucial to rely on verified and official sources when evaluating such reports, especially in the age of fast-spreading information in the digital era.

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