Avibras' Contract Success: Unveiling the AV-SF-70 Skyfire Rockets and Their Versatile Applications

Avibras' Contract Success: Unveiling the AV-SF-70 Skyfire Rockets and Their Versatile Applications

In a groundbreaking development this October, Avibras cemented its collaboration with the Brazilian Army (EB) through a substantial contract, supplying a batch of AV-SF-70 Skyfire 70mm rockets. This pivotal partnership underscores Avibras' dedication to providing high-value-added products, with the SKYFIRE rockets exemplifying their versatility in both axial armament for aircraft (air-surface) and as an area saturation system (surface-surface).

Renowned for their high-performance capabilities, the AV-SF-70 Skyfire rockets are designed for deployment across a diverse spectrum of aircraft, ranging from helicopters to high-performance jets. These rockets, boasting a 70mm calibre, come equipped with airborne multiple launchers, showcasing their adaptability for various applications.

The AV-SF-70 Skyfire Weapon System represents the pinnacle of independent development, integrating battle-proven technology with cutting-edge aerospace advancements. The ammunition comprises unguided rockets utilizing a 70mm (2.75″) composite propellant, wrap-around fins, and spin stabilization in flight, ensuring superior accuracy and higher kinetic energy. Each rocket is meticulously crafted, consisting of a rocket motor and a warhead with a fuse.

The versatility of these rockets extends to their launch capabilities, compatible with U.S. MK66 rockets and suitable for deployment from an array of aircraft, including helicopters and high-performance aircraft. The AV-SF-70 rockets are conveniently packed "ready for use" in a single protective package, delivered in wooden boxes containing four rockets each.

Distinguishing features of the SKYFIRE rockets include a variety of warheads, each tailored for specific effects such as anti-tank, anti-personnel, anti-materiel, flechette, anti-runway, and, for exercise purposes, inert and signaling warheads – each equipped with an appropriate fuze.
Avibras' Contract Success: Unveiling the AV-SF-70 Skyfire Rockets and Their Versatile Applications
In surface-to-surface applications, the SKYFIRE system transforms into a saturation artillery rocket with an impressive range of up to 12 km. It can be launched from a towable launcher, easily transportable by helicopter, or mounted on a 4×4 vehicle, showcasing its adaptability to different operational scenarios.

The SKYFIRE-70 System, including rocket motors, warheads, and multiple launchers, has earned certification from the Aerospace Product Certification Division of the IFI (Institute for Industrial Development and Coordination) / DCTA (Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of the Brazilian Air Force). This certification ensures their operational excellence and reliability, as evidenced by their deployment in various aircraft worldwide, including Embraer’s Super Tucano.

Beyond serving the needs of the Brazilian Army Aviation, the SKYFIRE-70 rockets and launchers have made their mark globally, exported to several countries in Africa and Asia, where they have proven their effectiveness in combat situations. Notably, a derivative of the SKYFIRE rocket serves as training ammunition (subcalibre) for the ASTROS System (Missile and Rocket Artillery System).

Avibras' success in this contract marks a significant milestone, showcasing the innovation and adaptability of the AV-SF-70 Skyfire rockets in addressing the evolving needs of modern military operations.

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