Strengthening Defense: Ecuadorian Armed Forces Welcomed 15 URAL 4x4 Light Armoured Tactical Vehicles in a Landmark Ceremony

Strengthening Defense: Ecuadorian Armed Forces Welcomed 15 URAL 4x4 Light Armoured Tactical Vehicles in a Landmark Ceremony
In a historic ceremony held at the ‘Mariscal Sucre’ Air Base in Quito, Ecuador, the official delivery of 15 URAL 4x4 light armoured tactical vehicles (LATV) marked a significant boost to the operational prowess of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces. This momentous event, attended by President Guillermo Lasso, General Luis Lara Jaramillo, Minister of National Defence, military dignitaries, and governmental authorities, symbolized a substantial advancement in Ecuador’s military capabilities.

The versatile URAL 4x4 multipurpose armored vehicles, introduced alongside previously deployed COBRA vehicles, are strategically positioned to undertake various missions, enhancing national-level military operations and fortifying protection mandates. This delivery signifies a pivotal step in Ecuador’s defense infrastructure modernization, empowering its armed forces to effectively address evolving security challenges and strengthen national resilience.

President Lasso, in his address, emphasized the critical role of reinforcing technical and operational competencies across all three branches of the Armed Forces, a cornerstone objective of his administration. He commended the acquisitions made during his tenure, highlighting their strategic significance in elevating Ecuador’s defense capabilities.

Expressing gratitude to the armed forces, President Lasso praised their unwavering commitment and valor in safeguarding the nation. He acknowledged their dedication, citing instances of support during the pandemic, their instrumental role in the vaccination campaign, and their pivotal contribution to upholding law, order, and democratic principles.
Strengthening Defense: Ecuadorian Armed Forces Welcomed 15 URAL 4x4 Light Armoured Tactical Vehicles in a Landmark Ceremony
Central to this enhancement of military capabilities is the Otokar URAL, a 4x4 light armoured tactical vehicle designed for police, law enforcement, and paramilitary forces. Manufactured by Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi A.Ş. (Otokar), a Turkish military vehicles manufacturer headquartered in Sakarya, Turkey, the URAL was unveiled at IDEF 2013. Its modular platform design enables configuration with various weapons/equipment, making it versatile for a range of missions.

The URAL boasts a specially designed chassis, worldwide proven engine, powertrain, and mechanical components, ensuring ultimate off-road capabilities. With permanent four-wheel drive, lockable central differential, independent front suspension with torsion bar, and rigid rear axle, the URAL delivers high mobility performance. Off-road tires with a run-flat system, high acceleration, and a narrow turning radius make the URAL suitable for any mission.

Depending on configuration, the URAL can transport up to 9 troops in the 5-door configuration and up to 10 people in the 3-door configuration, ensuring the secure transport of personnel in challenging conditions while providing comfort. With its universal design, superior protection, and excellent mobility, the URAL Armoured Personnel Carrier offers various options to serve in multiple tasks and missions, aligning with customer demands.

Showcased at Eurosatory 2014, the URAL featured an Otokar designed, remotely controlled stabilized weapon station comprising a 7.62mm/5.56mm machine gun designed for infantry fighting vehicles. This versatile vehicle represents a valuable addition to the Ecuadorian Armed Forces, further enhancing their capabilities and readiness to meet the challenges of the future.

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